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Drag Strip Records

The drag strip currently operates under NHRA but operated under IHRA. Some class names may differ from the current naming.

Nitro Altered - Jamie Bodenstadt, 5.44s @ 279.50 MPH
Blown Alcohol Dragster - R.W. Wilson, 5.50s @ 250.43 MPH
Blown Alcohol Funny Car - Jay Childs, 5.93s @ 236.40 MPH
Naturally Aspirated Dragster - Dave Mattison, 6.579s @ 207.35 MPH
Pro Mod (07/04/2022) - Chris Richards, 6.646s 214.14 MPH
Fastest Woman - Sherrie Bodnarchuk, 6.88s @ 200.72 MPH
Pro Nostalgia - John Dixon, 7.13s @ 190.50 MPH
Nitro Bike - Roy Rank, 7.47s @ 180.70 MPH
Snowmachine - Richard Coffman, 9.243s @ 139.02 MPH
Diesel Truck - Caleb Wainwright, 9.24s @ 144.28 MPH
Junior Dragster (2023) - Isabella Aure, 7.35s @ 86.19

200 MPH Club

Starting in 2017 we coined the "200 MPH Club". While there have been many people over the years who have been a part of this club, our record reflects those who have joined since 2017 or are known members.

Historical - Jamie Bodenstadt, R.W. Wilson, Jay Childs, Dave Mattison, Sherrie Bodnarchuk.
2017 - Ralph Beitter, Willie Brown
2018 - Duane Dennis, Scott Granus, Robbie Huck
2021 - Phil Hubbard, Chris Richards, Mike Conner
2022 - Don Maynor

Oval Track Records

Legends (2019) - Doug Sheldon, Lap Time 18.921s
Sprints (2019) - Tonya Klayum, Lap Time 14.202s. Tonya also holds the Fastest Woman record on the oval.

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