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Racing action ahead - two big days!


Alaska Raceway Park

Racing action ahead - two big days!

We have a big racing weekend ahead, and we will be giving away special prizes for racers and fans courtesy of Race Gas. Gates open at 2 pm, qualifying begins at 5 pm, and the green flag flies at 6 pm. We'd like to welcome Lacy Kuehl from Florida back to our S&P Certified Car Care Legends class. She'll be competing in the Lance Mackey 70 lap race being held Saturday night.

On Sunday, we will be hosting the Melling “Race Weekend Across America Tour” NHRA Races as well as giving out prizes from Race Gas from the previous rain out! This weekend is definitely all about prizes for our fans and racers ?? The gates open at 10 am, and racing begins at 2 pm.

ALSO! We have rescheduled the Kid’s Power Wheels Races for this weekend! The races are during both the Saturday and Sunday races - so if you’re kiddo has a Power Wheels and wants their shot at winning a prize on the track bring them, their Power Wheel, a helmet, and a signed permission slip. You can find the registration and release forms here:

We hope you’re gearing up to spend a fun weekend with us! Remember you can save time by purchasing your tickets ahead of time at

Submitted By: Michelle Maynor

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