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Street Car Rules Announced


Alaska Raceway Park

Street Car Rules Announced

Event Dates: June 3, July 15, August 19.

Entry Fee: $75

Payout: Payout for the quickest average of three qualifying passes and the bracket winner as follows:
25% for quickest Big Tire, 25% for Small Tire, 50% bracket winner.
All entries must make all three qualifying passes and one competition pass to get payout.
Bonus: A bonus of $500 will be awarded in each class to the vehicle with the quickest average pass of the three events. Winner will have to complete all three qualifying passes in all three Street events.

Big Tire: Any car or truck with tires over 10.5” wide (including 10.5W) or any back-halfed vehicle
Small Tire: Any car or truck with tires smaller than 10.5/285 with stock suspension.

Requirements (per SOA DMV):
• Safety belts
• Headlights, taillights, brake lights, reflectors and a license plate light.
• Turn signals must be operational.
• The vehicle must contain functional brakes.
• Vehicles must feature a windshield, safety glass(1968 or newer), wipers, horn, and mirrors.
• Vehicles must meet state laws for steering assembly, body condition, energy absorption systems (airbags, bumpers, etc.), anti-spray devices and mufflers.
• Tires must be DOT stamped
• Current registration, plates and insurance; dealership tags on new model vehicles only.
IHRA general safety rules apply
Tow Vehicles: Prohibited
Tree: Full tree

Procedure: Check in and pay entry fee at Alaska Raceway Park. Entries may be trailered to ARP. Upon paying fees, drivers will receive a token good for their tech slip. Tech slips will be available at NAPA in Palmer. Drivers must drive from the track to NAPA to turn in their token and pick up their tech slip between 10 am and Noon. Racers must post a photo on either Facebook or Instagram of vehicle at NAPA with the hashtag #RaceAK and #naparacing Drivers then drive back to ARP to have vehicle teched. If time permits they can test and tune. They may not change anything on the car after paying their entry fee. Entries will be DQ’d if they require assistance along the drive. Entries will be DQ’d if they break any traffic laws along the way.
At 1:30 all entries will line up in front of the grandstand for introductions. After introductions drivers will enter the lanes for the first session of qualifying.

Qualifying: Big Tire will qualify together and small tire will qualify together. Bracket will be all run

Submitted By: Michelle Maynor

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