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Rules Updates: NASCAR Oval Track


Alaska Raceway Park

Rules Updates: NASCAR Oval Track

A few clarifications/updates for the 2018 ARP NASCAR Oval rulebook. These are being added into the 2018 rules and will be updated online shortly.

4.4.12 (Numbers on roof of car) will change from back straightaway to front, “and transponder” needs to go away as transponders are addressed in 4.17.3.


5.5 for Baby Grands
For the 2018 season ARP will adopt items 12 through 35 of the 2018 Pro Grand National rulebook with the following exceptions:
Item 29.9 - 10 American Racer tires per season will be allowed and must be purchased from local track distributor.
Item 30.2 - all wheels be painted alike will not be enforced

5.6 Legends
Legends will be teched under the current INEX Legend tech rules.

Submitted By: Michelle Maynor

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